Maxwell Empire Books

The year is 4576.

All work is done by robots.

Humans number only 2 billion.

Humans live on the Earth, in Space City, and in the Moon.

Robots are taking all Earth species still existing to other planets.

Maxwell 01 is the first planet in the process of becoming another Earth.

Maxwell 01 is about four light years away. It took the robospaceship about eight hundred years to get there.

The robospaceship was built in Space City which circles the Earth above the equator at a height of over 35,000km.

Read what the humans and robots are doing on the Earth, in Space City, in and on the Moon and on and around Maxwell 01 in the Maxwell Empire Books.

Family of all Life
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Maxwell Empire Books
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The Beginning of the Maxwell Empire
Read the story of the Beginning of the Maxwell Empire.

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Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 3 is a good choice for parents to buy for a teenager in lockdown. They can read interactively with a friend online as most chapters have only two people speaking. Buy now.

Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 3 is now available as a paperback or Kindle eBook to join Book 1 and Book 2.

These scripted books provide a teacher with twenty play scripts of life in May and June of the year 4576. Book 5 will be set in 4577.

The action occurs in Space City, which circles the Earth 35,700km above the equator; in and on the Moon; above and on Maxwell 01, the first planet reached beyond our solar system in the planned spreading of humans throughout the universe; and here on Earth.

Living conditions for humans are vastly different to today.

Robots do all the work but humans can if they want to.

Seas have risen 20m and are still coming up; many cities and countries are under water.

Earth’s population does not exceed two billion.

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It is June, 4576, and Maxwell Empire Book 3 carries on the story from Books 1 and 2. Book 3 describes life on Earth and in Space City, 35,000 km above the Earth, in and on the Moon, and on Maxwell 01, the planet being terraformed for humans which is four light years away.Read about the action in the Arena when baddies face hungry pigs, the sea level rising with Bangladesh under water, robots doing all the work, humans being full time tourists or working if they want.Join the others in Space City watching Maxwell 09 spaceship being built to take Earth life on a seven thousand year journey to another planet.Find out where Scott and Simon are up to in their tour of Space City, whether Jimmy won his ski competition in the Moon, and has Tony been caught yet and fish fooded.See the website for the books at for the Octet, eight guidelines for modern living, the families of the characters, the locations of the Hunts, the effect of too many humans and the need to preserve the DNA of all species.


Terms used in Maxwell Empire Books

Terms used in Maxwell Empire Books


Robocops apprehending baddies by covering them with hardening filaments which immobilise them but do not harm them.

Fish fooded

People put to death are converted into fish food.


Criminals can claim hunthood so that they compete against a selected group of killers to attempt to be the only survivor which then saves the criminal and their relatives who were similarly destined for the fishes.

Mars Miner spaceship

Robospaceships that fly between the Earth and Mars.

Medical Aid Exempt  – MAE

Status of individuals addicted to harmful drugs who are not regarded as worthy of the time or attention of medical facilities and are not treated.

Moon Bus

Spaceship moving people and their goods between Space City and the Moon Elevator.


Replaces humans in the kitchen.


Fire fighting robots – fly over a fire and drop water/fire retardant on it. They act in large swarms to rapidly extinguish fires.


Flying robots that rescue roboairships that get in trouble

Space City Shuttle

Transport from the high speed bus terminal to your hotel in Space City.


Essential device in Earth viewing restaurants in Space City. The vacuum cleaner sucker gathers small pieces of solids or liquids accidentally released in the weightless environments in Space City.

Video drones

Drones for showing the action on your TV so you can enjoy it in real time; such as from Hunts.


Seriously defeated.

Maxwell Empire Book 1 Hunt areas 34 and 35 Tours

Maxwell Empire Book 1 Hunt areas 34 and 35  Tours

Maxwell Empire Book 1 includes descriptions of hunts taking place in Australia near Albury, NSW, and Sydney. Hunts take place when people destined for fish fooding attempt to recover their place in the living by engaging in a Hunt which they aim to win and survive.

The action in the Book 1 has taken place in the year 4576.

Hunt 34

See the terrain that will be confronting the hunters when engaged in a Hunt at location 34, the Mount Buffalo National Park, near Albury, Australia, mentioned in Chapter 16 of Maxwell Empire Book1.

Do a Google search for

around Albury tours Mt Buffalo

or see these links.

Hunt 35

See the terrain that will be confronting the hunters when engaged in a Hunt at location 35, the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia, mentioned in Chapter 1 of Maxwell Empire Book1.

Do a Google search for

around Sydney tours blue mountains

or see these links.

Educate a Protestor

Educate a protestor
Information for climate protestors

Do you have a child who is joining the worldwide protests?

Do you want to help them?

They need a better idea of Earth’s problems

We are going under water because of climate change
Information about the effect of sea levels rising.

Give them the advice they need by giving them these books

Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3
Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3

Look at the rest of this website to see what the Books are about.

Show them some images of other members of the family of all life.

See the Family of all LIFE.
These are all your cousins.

Click on the image to see the Family of all Life.
Family of all Life

Click on the image to see the Family of all Life.



With the beginning of robots in manufacturing in the twenty first century in Australia a lot of Aboriginal men along the Murray River, you can see it along the middle of the telescope view, Albury is the big city near the Eastern end, the water shown there is quite big, it is the Hume, your many, many greats grandmother went sailing there.

Yes, that ancestor was a good sportswoman. Into soccer particularly. And small bore rifle shooting.

On the other side of Australia in the north west a tribe was about to get vast amounts of money from mineral rights and a huge claim was being settled. The guys in the east needed women, a job, or money, and these guys in the west had both. What better way to get it all than to engage in a bit of old time Aboriginal culture and take the women and the money. How to do it? A fishing trip.

Buy the Maxwell Empire Book 1 to read the rest.

Pictures of your many, many greats grandmother sailing

Do you want to go sailing where her ancestors went. See the website of the Albury Wodonga Yacht Club.

On their way again after capsizing.
What a way to spend a day.
Lake Hume on the Murray River.
More wind, more speed.
Not much wind means not much action.