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This website is in the process of being made and will have information about the writing of the Maxwell Empire Books and seek input on aspects of the book writing such as whether all of the eight million Earth species would be reproduced on future planetary homes for Earth life.

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The year is 4576.

All work is done by robots.

Humans number only 2 billion.

Humans live on the Earth, in Space City, and in the Moon.

Robots are taking all Earth species still existing to other planets.

Maxwell 01 is the first planet in the process of becoming another Earth.

Maxwell 01 is about four light years away. It took the robospaceship about eight hundred years to get there.

The robospaceship was built in Space City which circles the Earth above the equator at a height of over 35,000km.

Humans do not need to explore space in person as robots can do the job far better and cheaper. My books MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOKS are based on this premise. The Maxwell Empire Books will show you the effects that have been caused by a combination of nature and people and the need to follow THE OCTET, a guide to help you live your life. You can download an image of the Octet and print it.