CHAPTER 12 excerpt


Space City Factory Visit 2

Scott and Simon are in the bus on the next leg of their Space City tour. Space City’s dimensions are impressive.

It is two hundred and fifty thousand kilometres long, consisting potentially of ten thousand twenty five kilometre long rotating segments which give the effect of gravity for people on the wall.

Each segment is ten kilometres in diameter with many still being built and many segment spaces occupied by factories making products for use on Earth or in space.

The space between segments is usually occupied by nonrotating areas suitable for viewing the Earth.

While their next stop is primarily to see the manufacture of communication fibre they will also see the operation of a vertical farm that feeds the millions in Space City.

They intend looking at the Earth from five different locations.

These will be above Indonesia at 130E, India at 90E, Africa at 20E, the Americas at 90W and the Pacific Ocean at 180W.

Their stops are about fifty thousand kilometres apart which their bus will cover in about five hours.

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