CHAPTER 14 excerpt

CHAPTER 14 excerpt

Bus to Moon City 3

Hi Kailee. Did you see the video?

Yes Jimmy. I am just so jealous. That view as you rise up the Space Elevator is just so great.

Yes, it is. But I also managed to do some study. We have enough room in the pod to eat, sleep and work. Have you done the exercises on Rising Sea Levels for Stage 9E?

Yes, I like Earth Science. It must have been a really bad time for people living near the sea when it first started.

And to think it is caused by them burning all the coal and oil and not keeping it for us to use. And the air still has too much carbon dioxide in it so sea levels are still rising. They are now at twenty metres

And it will be going to sixty metres. Sixty metres! Can you believe it? Melbourne under water. And Perth. I had ancestors who lived in Perth but all their houses will be under water in the future if they aren’t already. Complained Kailee.

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