CHAPTER 11 excerpt


Spaceships Alex drinks too much at a Celebration of Life

Well, Jason, he got a bit carried away.

Just can’t hold his drink, Thomas. When you get to sixty you would expect a person to know their limits.

Not Alex. Never did remember next day what he said. Always telling others what he thought of them.

It’s OK if you are just listening.

Yeah. Entertaining if you are.

What about his thoughts on waiting for Maxwells 2 to 10 to get to their homes.

Well, he has a point. Eight thousand years before Maxwell 10 gets there after it leaves. Who is going to even remember it went.

Just as well they send us a message each year. From 10 we will have eight thousand messages.

Yeah. With the last message getting here forty years after it was sent.

One thing about it. It gives us humans something to do. You don’t have a robot that can respond to any emergency and fix it.

Emergency! Being told twenty years after it took place you don’t call an emergency.


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