CHAPTER 13 excerpt

CHAPTER 13 excerpt

The hunt and Dad and Davey


Well, that was quick. No sooner had you told me what could happen and it did. Can you see a body?

Two. They might not have been close together. That was a big explosion.

They must have been scared of snakes.

Possibly. The local snakes would be good and poisonous.

The video guy must be up in the air. I hope he is playing by the rules and not letting the hunters know where the other two are.

Speaking of snakes. Well, crocodiles. That one is not huge but it could take a chunk out of you.

Is it dead or just asleep?

Snoozing. Just waiting for someone running from the hunters to step on it; then chomp.

With four hunters now for each baddie it should not take long now. I need to go back to bed soon.

Have something to eat. A hunt is not a hunt without enjoying some good food while you watch.

You sure have got lots of stuff for us to eat. You must have thought it was going to take a long time before they were killed.

Look! He is jumping all over the place. A snake is hanging on to his arm. It is all black. A reptile to the rescue.

Crocodile near Lagos
Crocodile near Lagos

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