CHAPTER 15 excerpt

CHAPTER 15 excerpt

Celebration of Life   Uncle Malcolm is leaving

Dad, Uncle Malcolm doesn’t remember any of the people here.

No, Davey. Not even me and you.

But we love him. I am really unhappy that his mind has gone.

Yes, with his brain not working it is no longer Uncle Malcolm we talk to.

Lots of people remember him, even if he does not remember them.

Yes, a good turn out for a Celebration of Life.

When are you going to run his hologram.

Soon. It is not too complete. Uncle Malcolm did not update it very often.

So we won’t have it walking around talking or singing for the rest of the day. Uncle Malcolm is, or was, a good singer.

Yes, a really good voice. Now of course, he can’t remember the words.

So people used to think he would be joining Aunty Joan.

Yes, people used to think there was a heaven they went to when they died. And a hell for baddies.

They thought there was a God who created everything and people worshipped Him. But now people don’t think there is a God.

Well, you have a god. Me. Your Grumpy Old Dad. So I’m your GOD.

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