Defective humans

Defective humans

It is about time that society took a more sensible approach to human life, and the current thought that having a working heart meant that an organism with human genes should be kept alive.

The news items of late with children born with severe deficiencies including missing faces and other parts of their anatomy and deformities that shout out for action to be taken and the unfortunate child to be put out of its misery at birth.

That society is stupid cannot be contested when such humans are kept alive.

Many years ago I visited an aunt who was elderly in a nursing home. She was lying on the floor being fed because she could not feed herself. She also could not talk, recognise anyone, or do any of the tasks necessary to look after herself.

This was a woman who had invariably been impeccably dressed and presented in former years. She would have been extremely upset that society thought that she should be kept alive in such degrading circumstances.

Western society needs a reality check and realise that keeping an organism alive for eighty years when it is little more than a vegetable is inconsistent with being regarded as a caring society even if the organism has human genes.


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