Attacking police is a health hazard

Attacking police is a health hazard

It is unfortunate that the Walker guy was too confident in his own fighting ability to consider the consequences of attacking an armed policeman with a knife.

It is obvious that a person being attacked has the right to defend themselves.

To stand there and let an attacker kill you is not the way to enjoy a long life.

If you have a gun it is one way to stop dying.

For the community up north to expect the policeman to let their rellie kill him is not a sensible expectation.

The current protests are similarly not sensible in promoting the idea that attacking armed police is something that should be allowed.

Consequently for the policeman to be charged with murder is a stupidity.

It reinforces the wrong idea that attacking police officers is a correct way to act.

Aboriginals need to be made aware of the way they should conduct themselves.

By letting Aboriginals think Walker was in the right when he attacked a police man with a knife is a reprehensible attitude on the part of the Government and its representatives.

The local people are in the habit of attacking workers who are there to help the community.

It has to stop.

It will not stop when the Government send the wrong message to the locals.

It would be more sensible to provide all workers with weapons and training so they can eliminate the locals who think attacking those sent to help them is acceptable.

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