What is Humanity

What is Humanity

Since I have been writing the Maxwell Empire Books I have been asking the question “What is the point of humanity?”

In the time frame of the books all work is done by robots and the obvious question as a result is why are the humans here.

I realised last night that it is not a question of humanity but of all life.

I am assuming that the Waylon Johncocks of the world and the rest of the Aboriginal community are not representative of the rest of us in not valuing the life of all other animals and thinking stoning a terrified animal to death is appropriate behaviour.

I recently found a dove sitting on the driveway next door. I knew it was alive from the gleam in its eye.

I took it inside and offered it some food and drink but it was not doing anything.

I put it in a box with the provisions but in the morning it was rigid with death and I was unhappy with the result. It had been warm alive and was now cold in death. It was a fellow living creature in living but was now garden compost – it went in the green bin.

We are part of all life. We have evolved with animals and are one of them. In our evolution we have eaten animals and our bodies are designed to continue to do so. Millions of years of evolution is not negated by having eating plants only thoughts. Cows have evolved to eat grass. They are a bit big to deter from chomping on your arm or leg if they decide to add a bit of farmer meat to their diet, but cows don’t have these thoughts; they know that cows eat grass.

Similarly humans need to know that humans eat meat.

We do not need to be cruel in gathering our meat. We are not valuing life if we are. Australian Aboriginals are part of Australian society. For the Government to condone and  support their Stone Age behaviour by allowing them to stone terrified animals to a death taking many minutes does not have my support. The place of Aboriginals in Australia has to be changed. They have to become Australians rather than the privileged, ungrateful mob they currently are.

The rest of us are not allowed to increase the chance of species at risk of extinction whereas Aborigines have convinced the Government they should be able to hunt any to the point where there are no more.

Stupid you say.

A fair assessment of Australian Government attitudes to the Aborigines.

We are part of all life. We all need to respect all life.

We all need to follow the Octet.



Space Travel

Space Travel

You can see the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the night sky. It is 179,000 light years away.

The time for Maxwell 01 to get to its planet which is 4 light years away is 800 years; that is 200 years for the robot spaceship to travel per light year.

Consequently it will take 179,000 x 200 years for a robot spaceship to get to LMC.

That is 35,800,000 years.

Our Sun kills the Earth in 4 billion years.

That is 4,000,000,000 years.

So the spaceship can have got there before Earth meltdown but if it says “Humans are now breeding on Maxwell 305” we will get the message in 179,000 years and if we ask “Do they like it there?” we will hear “Yes, they love it.” 358,000 years later.

For intergalactic travel we could have quicker spaceships but talking to the occupants of Earth 305 will not be feasible.

This makes the 8 years to get an answer from Maxwell 01 a very quick response.

We rabbits

We rabbits

Just when are humans going to realise that the current attitude that emulating rabbit plagues is not necessarily a good idea.

There are too many of us already.

Unfortunately the children marching around protesting have got the wrong end of the stick in their grasp.

If there were less humans there would be less need for as much electricity.

Hence less coal needing to be burnt.

Hence less global warming.

Just how many humans does the planet need?

Certainly not the seven billion walking around now. Or the fifteen billion in a few years.

The suggested carrying capacity is two billion.

Someone needs to educate Greta.

She is talking the wrong talk.

She needs to be telling child bearing age humans to restrict the number of children they have.

So, you say, what about the countries where the population is decreasing.

My response is that a reduction is good; not bad like a lot of politicians have been saying.

So Greta is ignorant and the politicians are ignorant. Everyone needs to remember that we are on the only object within a thousand years travel that can support us.

Humans need to stop breeding so many little humans.

Harry’s problem

Harry’s problem

And ours.

I think Prince Harry wants to get away from the Royal Family because while it is currently headed by his grandmother the Queen I am assuming that fairly soon his father will be taking on the reins. I am sure he is not happy with the way his father treated his mother. His mother’s comment that she was in a threesome and with his father eventually marrying the third party means he has a constant reminder of his mother’s sorrow.

I cannot believe Australians will want to have Charles as their Head of State. Currently that is what is going to happen when the Queen calls it quits. We need to have a referendum with the question

“Should Australia become a Republic on the day the Queen resigns as Monarch?”

This would be one way Morrison could make up for the debacle constituting his leadership so far.

Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Many of you are convinced of the power of prayer, of asking God for help in a particular crisis.

I don’t know how often your prayers are successful but in Australia we have evidence of a complete lack of success.

Our Prime Minister prays. He believes it will help.

He was asked last year to make plans for the forthcoming fire season because there was every indication that it was going to be extremely bad.

He ignored the advice.

Presumably he relied on prayer because he did not do anything to prepare for predicted fires.

The fires have been horrendous.

God ignored him. The rest of us should similarly be ignoring him and getting a more suitable person for the job.