Space Travel

Space Travel

You can see the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the night sky. It is 179,000 light years away.

The time for Maxwell 01 to get to its planet which is 4 light years away is 800 years; that is 200 years for the robot spaceship to travel per light year.

Consequently it will take 179,000 x 200 years for a robot spaceship to get to LMC.

That is 35,800,000 years.

Our Sun kills the Earth in 4 billion years.

That is 4,000,000,000 years.

So the spaceship can have got there before Earth meltdown but if it says “Humans are now breeding on Maxwell 305” we will get the message in 179,000 years and if we ask “Do they like it there?” we will hear “Yes, they love it.” 358,000 years later.

For intergalactic travel we could have quicker spaceships but talking to the occupants of Earth 305 will not be feasible.

This makes the 8 years to get an answer from Maxwell 01 a very quick response.

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