Hydrogen will replace coal

Insiders has just been talking to Labor leader about the proposal to be carbon neutral by 2050. Coal is going to be replaced by hydrogen. The world knows this and is researching the ways and means of bringing it on. Australia is likely to be at the forefront of hydrogen exports to other countries. Jobs currently in coal will be in hydrogen because its production will be based on solar electricity from huge solar farms located inland.

A referendum is needed to regain control of the land from Aboriginal groups as our future depends on using it to locate solar farms and use water to produce hydrogen. The production of hydrogen will be to benefit all Australians, not just the 3% who have been given control of a third of the land.

The map shows what Australia is currently doing by way of research in this area.



This map is a snapshot of Australia’s hydrogen demonstration projects and research infrastructure.


When the British settled Australia

The Australian Aborigines think they were hard done by when Australia was settled by the British. My great, great, grandfather was given 25 lashes when he was accused of not wanting to work as was one of the following convicts. But note the crimes which could result in being sent half way around the world to Australia.

Mary Jones Age 16. Nurse girl from Greenock. Tried in Glasgow 7th September 1830 and sentenced to 14 years transportation for stealing a parasol. 1 prior conviction. Assigned to W.G. Barker in Prince St. Sydney on arrival in Port Jackson in April 1831.

Thomas Jaques who arrived in Sydney on the General Stewart 1818 was Assigned to Mr. T. Winder. Sentenced by Magistrates Henry Gillman and E.C. Close to 100 lashes for frequent cruelty and ill treatment of his master’s bullocks and refusing work in April 1824.

James Johnson who also arrived on the General Stewart 1818 was Assigned to V. Bloomfield. Sentenced to 25 lashes for neglect of work and idling in August 1824.

Mary Ann Allen Age 27. House Maid from London. Tried in London 8 July 1830 and sentenced to 7 years Transportation for stealing a watch. Assigned to Mr. Milson at the North Shore on arrival at Port Jackson in April 1831.

Matilda Britton Age 20. Married. Native of Sunderland. House maid and nursery maid. Tried at Newgate 16 September 1830 and sentenced to 14 years transportation for stealing a shawl. Arrived at Port Jackson in April 1831.

Elizabeth CollinsAge 28. Married with 2 children. Native of Shrewsbury. Laundress. Sentenced at Newgate 16 September 1830 and sentenced to 14 years Transportation for stealing a watch. Assigned to Mrs. Fisk in Kent Street, Sydney on arrival. Accidentally killed on the Parramatta Road.

Jean Gray Age 32. Married with 4 children. Occupation – All work in a lodging house. Native of Boness. Tried in Perth, Scotland, 9th September 1830 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing whiskey. Assigned to Mrs. Panton in Sydney on arrival at Port Jackson in April, 1831.

Changing ideas

The beginning of the Maxwell Empire Books.

Back in 2015 when I first wrote about humans expanding to other solar systems I had them travelling in cylindrical spaceships as long as from Albury to Melbourne, that is 300km, and with a diameter the same as Bendigo to Bright. The details of this can be seen at https://www.besteducationtours.com/index.php/max-blog/item/34-maxwell-next-stop  with a couple more two weeks later, by which time I had concluded that sending humans was not feasible.

Robots were the answer, taking the DNA information of all Earth life. The importance of storing said DNA was obvious because the runaway population growth of humans is resulting in some species becoming extinct. A second matter is to store the DNA in places more than 70m above present sea level because global warming is going to melt all the ice and sea levels will rise. When this has happened before the sea has gone up that far on present sea levels.

It was then necessary to reproduce the life from the DNA. This is invented in 3108 by Diane Hunter which means Earth 2, 3, 4, …, 234, are possible.

You will have noticed that the initial calculation of the time to get to a planet ten light years away was quite short. This assumed continuous burning of the rocket engines but the fuel necessary is excessive. My subsequent calculations have five years of acceleration and five years of deceleration. The latter will be a bit shorter because of reduced mass from fuel use.

The present interest in sending humans to Mars is a waste of resources. All research should be on producing robots adequate to do the necessary tasks. The future spreading of humans throughout the universe requires robots developed to do everything so we need to concentrate on this. Not R2D2 types but more K-Nine as humanoid robots will result in animosity as all jobs are done by robots.

Hence advice to young people, become a robotics engineer, not an astronaut.




On Maxwell 01 it will be the chicken because the robots use the algae cells and the DNA brought from Earth 4.2 light years away to produce chickens. The chickens will then lay eggs. The baby humans will be produced the same way and will have chickens and eggs to eat. Mum and dad will be replaced by the robots. You will be pleased to know that Maxwell Empire Book 3 has just been put on Amazon.

See the books here.



The greatest fashion news during my lifetime

I am going to be following the fashion trend reported this week on the news.

Ironing is out, natural is in.

No more ironing.

What joy.

What feeling of goodwill to fashion icons.

As long as it is true I will cease the drudgery of using an iron.

I have a shirt which has become my staple item of clothing despite it being more decorative than I would normally wear.

In between its wearing I have to wear other shirts but it is the next shirt worn every time.

You have realised why. It does not need ironing.

2001 Korea

When I was in South Korea I was staying in a small village thirty minutes by bus north of Guri, which is next door to Seoul. Half way to the village we passed through a somewhat larger town without event until after about six months the smell as we went through was just plain bad.

I was told that at that time of the year the farmers emptied the contents of the septic tanks onto their fields to help grow the next crop. Hence the shit was a valuable resource. So shit was good.

When I was a kid I lived in a house on my dairy farmer uncle’s farm and went to his dairy on occasion. The cows let loose with their shit without regard for their location so it needs to be shovelled into a heap. It is later spread onto the paddocks to help the pasture grow, so the shit is good.

The expression sometimes used to describe our politicians that they “have shit for brains” is completely inappropriate as shit is good and whatever is between their ears is definitely not good.

Humans need to remember

Humans need to remember that the Earth has a sun that will last for another four billion years.

So humans could be on this planet for that long.

This is as long as WW3 or WW4 or WW5 does not make life on the planet impossible.

Assuming humans are here for that length of time we need to have less of we.

Seven billion is too many of we.

Two billion is enough of we.

Would someone get Greta and her cohort to get the message.

Apartment living

I have lived in apartments in Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Nigeria, China and Gran Canaria. When I mention the advantage of apartment living to one of my brothers he insists a house is better. As the song goes ‘taint necessarily so”.

My first apartment in South Korea was for one person. It was compact but well designed and adequate for its purpose. As I was going to not be just one I needed another and the next was a good size for two people and then the third was a good size for two plus a small person.

Australia’s fixation with building two bedroom apartments only needs fixing.

In China the twelve storey building had one, two and three bedroom apartments with restaurant and a supermarket underneath. Very convenient. Plus a bevy of busses going all over out the front.

The village I lived in at South Korea was within 20 km of the middle of Seoul and when I was there had only small apartment buildings but was beginning construction of a typical 21 storey building. There are forests of these in parts of Korea and now you can see them on Google maps in the village I was in.

If you go to this page you will find the link so you can see the forest of apartments now in the village.


This is within 20 km of the centre of Seoul and is part of the Seoul Capital Area which has a radius of 60 km and has a population of 25 million. Note that this is Australia’s population.

Melbourne is about 10,000 km2. The Seoul Capital Area is about 11,000 km2. Melbourne has about 5 million people.

It is obvious that at present density rates Melbourne will have a ridiculously large area as its population increases.

We obviously need to be singing;

C’mon Aussie, Go Up, Go Up

C’mon Aussie, Go Up.

The ABC has an article which prompted my discourse.


Humans need to get things in perspective

Humans need to get things in perspective

They are animals.

They need to get over being the most developed animal; it is only the beginning of life’s journey for the next four billion years.

Humans will go to other solar systems, as is described realistically in MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOKS 1, 2 and 3. Numbers 4 to a very big number (hopefully) describe how we got there and how we made the planets Maxwell 01, Maxwell 02, Maxwell 03, you get the picture, home.

Eventually humans will get to the galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud which is 139,000 light years away and will take a robot spaceship carrying all the species from Earth to a planet there. The journey will take 35 million years. It is only five or six million years since we became a higher life form than our monkey cousins.

Evolution happens.

The humans living in the other planets will be developing independently of us.

They will evolve.

We will have sent them our history as movies and holograms.

Our history is such that they may not want to know us.

We are not a good animal when we can allow Aboriginals to think stoning another animal to death is acceptable.

If our physically distant cousins do visit us it will be to send a battlecruiser to wipe us out.

Humans cannot travel for millions of years in space. Forget about worm holes or whatever as any travelling will be done by robots.

You won’t wake up in the year 85,768,435 and look out the window and see distant cousin Fred. It will be the robot he sent 40 million years ago to wipe out the animals he detests because they do not value all life.


Read about getting to other planets. The robots have just started making humans in Maxwell Empire Book 3. In Book 5, which will be available in a few months, time will be a year advanced on Book 4 and so the babies will be born, assuming test tube babies are born. Then what?

Books 1 to 3 are available on Amazon.




The history the LMC human knows is from at least 70 million years before his robot gets here.