2001 Korea

When I was in South Korea I was staying in a small village thirty minutes by bus north of Guri, which is next door to Seoul. Half way to the village we passed through a somewhat larger town without event until after about six months the smell as we went through was just plain bad.

I was told that at that time of the year the farmers emptied the contents of the septic tanks onto their fields to help grow the next crop. Hence the shit was a valuable resource. So shit was good.

When I was a kid I lived in a house on my dairy farmer uncle’s farm and went to his dairy on occasion. The cows let loose with their shit without regard for their location so it needs to be shovelled into a heap. It is later spread onto the paddocks to help the pasture grow, so the shit is good.

The expression sometimes used to describe our politicians that they “have shit for brains” is completely inappropriate as shit is good and whatever is between their ears is definitely not good.

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