Great granddad joins his wife.

April 28th, 2014, the ashes of Megan’s great granddad were taken out to the place on the river where his wife’s ashes had been released two years before.

Great granddad joins his wife.
Great granddad joins his wife.

2014 memory

We went to Thailand six years ago today because Megan’s great grandfather had died and was being burnt on the 27th.

Megan’s great granddad did not want to go.

April 27, 2014, we were in Thailand for his burning and the flame would not start once, twice, not until the third time. His brother said he saw him sitting on the end of the coffin. His children prayed to him after each unsuccessful attempt and assured him all the children would be looked after. The third time was successful.

2014 memory
2014 memory

Too much rice

Having too much rice in the fridge meant it was necessary to use some soon. Pepperoni salami to the rescue.

Diced pepperoni cooked for a minute in a hot frypan. Butter added. Rice added. Stirred continuously. Yum.

Too much rice
Rice plus pepperoni.

Mingenew 3

When I drove to Mingenew in my Mini in Western Australia in 1964 I was looking at fossils of shellfish that were alive over 250,000,000 years ago. The cliff behind the sheep here has some seams of coal that were formed even longer ago.

Coal Seam Park, Mingenew
Mingenew, Western Australia

Humans Never Stopped Evolving

Humans Never Stopped Evolving

The sun cooks the Earth in about 4,000,000,000 years. Humans or what they have altered to will call it home until then. That is unless they are allowed to continue to breed like rabbits and have wars to wipe everyone out.

You all know a chimpanzee or two. We and them were one 3,000,000 years ago.

You can see where this is going.

Life had not even started on Earth as long ago as we have in front of us.

What will our great, great, g….lots of greats, grandchildren look like?

The article talks about changes in humans in only the last 10,000 years or so.


Does China have a vaccine?

Does China have a vaccine?

We know that the Chinese Government does not mind killing a few thousand or million if it has the impression they are not toeing the Party line or not showing sufficient respect for a member of it. Tanks squashed democracy advocates and Mao thinking he was being ignored resulted in millions dying.

So it could be the Chinese virus deaths are accurate.

What better way to demolish the economies of all other countries than to enact the current scenario?

That is produce a virus, and a vaccine for it, allow it to kill a few thousand of your citizens to make your account of its origin plausible, then inoculate the rest of your population and get them back to work.

Your economy has suffered a little and is safe from a return of the virus.

The rest of the world is completely stuffed.

It really upsets me that we are all going to have to use Chinese, a language that does not have an alphabet. The Koreans had the brains to realise that writing needs an alphabet and devised theirs over seven hundred years ago.

Poor or dead

Would you rather be poor or dead?

That is to ask people who want countries to return to work to fix up their economies.

A lot of commentators are advocating a return to normal economic activity despite the risk of increased deaths from Covid 19.

Presumably they expect the dead not to include them as they work from continued isolation.