Tax sugar and salt

Tax sugar and salt

A UK idea we do not want to consider.

Poorer people will just get poorer.

If it costs their NHS too much reduce the number of Britons. The world has too many humans.

The graphs are very interesting. At least scroll down to them. A surprising education will be your benefit.

Make sure you read some of the comments. As there are 1490 of them you won’t see them all.

National Food Strategy: Tax sugar and salt and prescribe veg, report says

Tax sugar and salt


Come to the Party

Have you looked at The Family of All Life Alliance website yet? The world needs a new party that cares for the Earth and all life on it. Suggestions on content welcomed.

Maxwell 01 and Maxwell 02

Maxwell 01 and Maxwell 02

I have finally drawn the land masses on Maxwell 01 and Maxwell 02 so we can write the diaries of the teenagers in 4587 and 6026 and 6066. The current Maxwell Empire Books tell you what the Earth is like in over two thousand years with Nicole and Cindy on Maxwell 02 letting you know the future in over four thousand years.

Maxwell 01

Maxwell 01

Maxwell 02

Maxwell 02

The Maxwell Empire Books diaries are coming

The Maxwell Empire Books diaries are coming. Slowly unfortunately.

Diary of Nicole One, Human F05, born in the year AH 01, or 6012, on planet Maxwell 02.

Entry for September 20th, 6026.

Thank goodness, only four more babies to go.

This one was Harold’s, and his first one with me has just been born.

This one will become one of the humans from Earth. All those samples of DNA need homes. This will be the seventh new human. At this rate the robonannies will have a huge number of different humans.

After seeing the Doctor for the transfer of baby 16 went to see all my babies.

David’s was sleeping. He is always sleeping. Even though he is the oldest he is the one that sleeps the most. He is seven months old now and isn’t he a big boy.

Raymond’s girl was crying. I guess she was hungry because the robonanny put the teat in her mouth and that did the trick. No more noise. From her, anyway.

But that had caused Douglas’s girl to start wanting attention but that must have been from being uncomfortable because another robonanny gave her a wash and dry and she gave me a big smile.

I gave them all a walk around their nursery and sang them their favourite song; mine anyway. As usual they all seemed to like it. We avoided walking through Dana, The hologram who walks and talks all day around the nursery. They are going to be a bit confused if I make a habit of walking straight through people, even if they are just a three thousand year old hologram. It takes a while but when all twenty are needing a walk I am going to be worn out. No doubt it is good exercise and keeps me fit for soccer and swimming especially as I then went to the pool to take a class of Humans 03.

The flag for Australian Aboriginal people

The flag for Australian Aboriginal people who like being Australian.

The Australian Aboriginal flag 2021

The ratio is 1:2

Blue represents since 1788. The light of a new, better, life. Life as modern man.

White represents the white of the sails of those who made us modern man.

Black represents before 1788. The darkness of 60,000 years of a hard life as stone age man.


Top Blue

Circle White

Bottom Black


Length 4

Circle 1

Width 2

The flag for Australian Aboriginal people
The flag for Australian Aboriginal people