Biology syllabus in Stages 9 to 12, 4576

9 A Cell structure and technologies
Cell function
Organisation of cells
B Nutrient and gas requirements
C Excursion to an animal processing factory
Effects of the environment on organisms
D Adaptations and classification
The theory of evolution
E Evidence to support the theory of evolution by natural selection
10 A Population dynamics
B Out of control populations. Benefits of the China 2091 strike.
C Past ecosystems
Future management of ecosystems
D Working scientifically
Sexual and asexual reproduction
E Cell replication
DNA and polypeptide synthesis
11 A Genetic variation
B Inheritance patterns in a population


C Biotechnology
D Genetic technologies

Excursion to The Albury Genetic Engineering Laboratory at the Albury Terraforming Research Centre

E How stored DNA is used to bring back into existence animals and plants made extinct by too many humans.

Experiment using stored DNA to reproduce a life

12 A Sending Earth life to other planets
B Cause and transmission of infectious disease
Responses to pathogens: Immunity
C Prevention, treatment and control of disease
D Homeostasis
Non-infectious diseases: causes and responses
E Epidemiology
Technologies and disorders