Set in the year 4576 Maxwell Empire describes life on Earth and the expansion of mankind to nearby habitable planets in a series of books following the activities of Jimmy the sportsman, Kailee his girlfriend, Scott and Simon on their tour of Space City and its various factories, and other Earthlings.

Read how people are coping with sea level rising, engaging in a Celebration of Life for those about to cease living, communicating with Maxwell 01, the spaceship in orbit around the nearest habitable planet outside our solar system, enjoying the conflict of the hunt when criminals try to avoid cessation of life by winning against a number of hunters, engaging in a vastly different education system to that of today, having robots do all the work, and other changes to life over two thousand years in the future.

England elevations

Want to know which bits of London will be above water?

If you are going to get yourself put in a cryogenic chamber and get resurrected in 4576 you can see what could be the parts of London you can still walk around after the sea level has gone up 20m (65ft).

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Chapter 1 excerpt

Rusty eats Uncle Malcolm

Dad, Uncle Malcolm is going.

Sorry, Davey, but he has had his time here and must go.

But I love him.

Me too, but with his brain not working it is no longer him we talk to.

But Rusty could be eating him.


Chapter 4 excerpt

Mum, the question is “Was the 2091 meteorite strike on China a good thing?”. What do you think?

Well, Sammy, it is really a question for you to consider. You have had all the information about that time input at your last session. What do you think?

Well, it reduced the world’s population by a half or so. But I would not have liked to starve to death. Or been killed fighting for food. Or fighting to get to the southern hemisphere.

Maxwell Empire Book 1
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