Making a Model for Space City

Making a Model for Space City

Use an orange and some wire to make a model of Space City.

Because Space City is 35,700 km above the Earth it is helpful to have a model to understand where it is.

The Maxwell Empire Books have Space City as an important part of life and industry on Earth. The Space Elevators are also important in moving material and people between Space City and the Earth’s surface.


Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 1, Chapter 8 Sample 1.

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This sample of Biology is from Maxwell Empire Scripted Book 1, Chapter 8 Sample 1.



4576 Chickens



Did your Dad make you watch the news?


Yeah, but I don’t know why they get excited about what happened four years ago.


And not when it is all about chickens.


I guess they want the humans to be happy and eat chicken.


How long before they make humans now?


Well, it is May 23rd, 4576, our time, and they said they had chickens. The robots would have started making humans when they knew the chickens were doing well, so I guess that would be soon after. Say a month or two. Then nine months to gestate. We should hear in a year or so that they have humans, but that is about four years ago, so our rellies are now three years old.


Happy third birthday, dear Maxwell 01 boy, or girl, or boys or girls.


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Cartoon from China Daily

Just as Noah would have had a problem with 6 million species these guys would have too. They need to use the method described in Maxwell Empire Books for all our species to end up on all the suitable planets in the Universe.

China Daily cartoon
China Daily cartoon

Changing ideas

The beginning of the Maxwell Empire Books.

Back in 2015 when I first wrote about humans expanding to other solar systems I had them travelling in cylindrical spaceships as long as from Albury to Melbourne, that is 300km, and with a diameter the same as Bendigo to Bright. The details of this can be seen at  with a couple more two weeks later, by which time I had concluded that sending humans was not feasible.

Robots were the answer, taking the DNA information of all Earth life. The importance of storing said DNA was obvious because the runaway population growth of humans is resulting in some species becoming extinct. A second matter is to store the DNA in places more than 70m above present sea level because global warming is going to melt all the ice and sea levels will rise. When this has happened before the sea has gone up that far on present sea levels.

It was then necessary to reproduce the life from the DNA. This is invented in 3108 by Diane Hunter which means Earth 2, 3, 4, …, 234, are possible.

You will have noticed that the initial calculation of the time to get to a planet ten light years away was quite short. This assumed continuous burning of the rocket engines but the fuel necessary is excessive. My subsequent calculations have five years of acceleration and five years of deceleration. The latter will be a bit shorter because of reduced mass from fuel use.

The present interest in sending humans to Mars is a waste of resources. All research should be on producing robots adequate to do the necessary tasks. The future spreading of humans throughout the universe requires robots developed to do everything so we need to concentrate on this. Not R2D2 types but more K-Nine as humanoid robots will result in animosity as all jobs are done by robots.

Hence advice to young people, become a robotics engineer, not an astronaut.



Space Travel

Space Travel

You can see the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the night sky. It is 179,000 light years away.

The time for Maxwell 01 to get to its planet which is 4 light years away is 800 years; that is 200 years for the robot spaceship to travel per light year.

Consequently it will take 179,000 x 200 years for a robot spaceship to get to LMC.

That is 35,800,000 years.

Our Sun kills the Earth in 4 billion years.

That is 4,000,000,000 years.

So the spaceship can have got there before Earth meltdown but if it says “Humans are now breeding on Maxwell 305” we will get the message in 179,000 years and if we ask “Do they like it there?” we will hear “Yes, they love it.” 358,000 years later.

For intergalactic travel we could have quicker spaceships but talking to the occupants of Earth 305 will not be feasible.

This makes the 8 years to get an answer from Maxwell 01 a very quick response.

CHAPTER 15 excerpt

CHAPTER 15 excerpt

Celebration of Life   Uncle Malcolm is leaving

Dad, Uncle Malcolm doesn’t remember any of the people here.

No, Davey. Not even me and you.

But we love him. I am really unhappy that his mind has gone.

Yes, with his brain not working it is no longer Uncle Malcolm we talk to.

Lots of people remember him, even if he does not remember them.

Yes, a good turn out for a Celebration of Life.

When are you going to run his hologram.

Soon. It is not too complete. Uncle Malcolm did not update it very often.

So we won’t have it walking around talking or singing for the rest of the day. Uncle Malcolm is, or was, a good singer.

Yes, a really good voice. Now of course, he can’t remember the words.

So people used to think he would be joining Aunty Joan.

Yes, people used to think there was a heaven they went to when they died. And a hell for baddies.

They thought there was a God who created everything and people worshipped Him. But now people don’t think there is a God.

Well, you have a god. Me. Your Grumpy Old Dad. So I’m your GOD.

CHAPTER 13 excerpt

CHAPTER 13 excerpt

The hunt and Dad and Davey


Well, that was quick. No sooner had you told me what could happen and it did. Can you see a body?

Two. They might not have been close together. That was a big explosion.

They must have been scared of snakes.

Possibly. The local snakes would be good and poisonous.

The video guy must be up in the air. I hope he is playing by the rules and not letting the hunters know where the other two are.

Speaking of snakes. Well, crocodiles. That one is not huge but it could take a chunk out of you.

Is it dead or just asleep?

Snoozing. Just waiting for someone running from the hunters to step on it; then chomp.

With four hunters now for each baddie it should not take long now. I need to go back to bed soon.

Have something to eat. A hunt is not a hunt without enjoying some good food while you watch.

You sure have got lots of stuff for us to eat. You must have thought it was going to take a long time before they were killed.

Look! He is jumping all over the place. A snake is hanging on to his arm. It is all black. A reptile to the rescue.

Crocodile near Lagos
Crocodile near Lagos

CHAPTER 11 excerpt


Spaceships Alex drinks too much at a Celebration of Life

Well, Jason, he got a bit carried away.

Just can’t hold his drink, Thomas. When you get to sixty you would expect a person to know their limits.

Not Alex. Never did remember next day what he said. Always telling others what he thought of them.

It’s OK if you are just listening.

Yeah. Entertaining if you are.

What about his thoughts on waiting for Maxwells 2 to 10 to get to their homes.

Well, he has a point. Eight thousand years before Maxwell 10 gets there after it leaves. Who is going to even remember it went.

Just as well they send us a message each year. From 10 we will have eight thousand messages.

Yeah. With the last message getting here forty years after it was sent.

One thing about it. It gives us humans something to do. You don’t have a robot that can respond to any emergency and fix it.

Emergency! Being told twenty years after it took place you don’t call an emergency.


CHAPTER 14 excerpt

CHAPTER 14 excerpt

Bus to Moon City 3

Hi Kailee. Did you see the video?

Yes Jimmy. I am just so jealous. That view as you rise up the Space Elevator is just so great.

Yes, it is. But I also managed to do some study. We have enough room in the pod to eat, sleep and work. Have you done the exercises on Rising Sea Levels for Stage 9E?

Yes, I like Earth Science. It must have been a really bad time for people living near the sea when it first started.

And to think it is caused by them burning all the coal and oil and not keeping it for us to use. And the air still has too much carbon dioxide in it so sea levels are still rising. They are now at twenty metres

And it will be going to sixty metres. Sixty metres! Can you believe it? Melbourne under water. And Perth. I had ancestors who lived in Perth but all their houses will be under water in the future if they aren’t already. Complained Kailee.

CHAPTER 12 excerpt


Space City Factory Visit 2

Scott and Simon are in the bus on the next leg of their Space City tour. Space City’s dimensions are impressive.

It is two hundred and fifty thousand kilometres long, consisting potentially of ten thousand twenty five kilometre long rotating segments which give the effect of gravity for people on the wall.

Each segment is ten kilometres in diameter with many still being built and many segment spaces occupied by factories making products for use on Earth or in space.

The space between segments is usually occupied by nonrotating areas suitable for viewing the Earth.

While their next stop is primarily to see the manufacture of communication fibre they will also see the operation of a vertical farm that feeds the millions in Space City.

They intend looking at the Earth from five different locations.

These will be above Indonesia at 130E, India at 90E, Africa at 20E, the Americas at 90W and the Pacific Ocean at 180W.

Their stops are about fifty thousand kilometres apart which their bus will cover in about five hours.