2166 Humanoid robots replaced

In the year 2166 humanoid robots were replaced with other types after all humanoid robots were destroyed worldwide in a revolt by humans against the use of robots to do work in place of humans.

Robots that did not look like humans were not as confronting to the millions who had lost their jobs in those countries that had not begun a universal monthly payment to all members of the population.

No job meant no money.

It should have been obvious to the powers that be in the affected countries that having no money and no way to earn any was going to be a problem.

Robots had wheels.

Robots were low to the ground.

Robots understood spoken instructions but did not talk.

Robots were anything but human.

You will have to wait for Maxwell Empire Book 5 to read the account of the revolt.

Until then you can read Maxwell Empire Books 1, 2 and 3.


Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3
Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3

Robocars and the near future

In 4576 Sammy talks about cars not being allowed to be driven by humans because humans can cause accidents whereas robocars are safe. Robocars cannot be under the control of a teenage delinquent who can drive at excessive speeds in a dangerous manner with the possibility of killing other road users. Robocars cannot be stolen and used in criminal activities. Developing robocars is the way of the future and it will soon be upon us.

Robocars are the future.

Description of Maxwell Empire Books

It is June, 4576, and Maxwell Empire Book 3 carries on the story from Books 1 and 2. Book 3 describes life on Earth and in Space City, which circles the Earth 35,700km above the equator; in and on the Moon, and on Maxwell 01 which is four light years away, the first planet reached beyond our solar system in the planned spreading of humans throughout the universe, which is being terraformed for humans.

Read about the action in the Arena when baddies face hungry pigs, the sea level rising with Bangladesh under water and tourists taking submersible tours of Cambridge, Bangkok, Venice and other citires, robots doing all the work, humans being full time tourists or working if they want.

Join the others in Space City watching Maxwell 09 spaceship being built to take Earth life on a seven thousand year long journey to another planet.

Find out where Scott and Simon are up to in their tour of Space City, whether Jimmy won his ski competition in the Moon, and has Tony been caught yet and fish fooded.

See the website for the books at maxwellempire.com for the Octet, eight guidelines for modern living, the families of the characters, photos of the locations of the Hunts, the effect of too many humans and the need to preserve the DNA of all species.

The scripted books each provide a teacher with twenty play scripts of life in May and June of the year 4576. Book 4 is also in 4576 with Book 5 being in 4577, when the news of the children on Maxwell 01 being born is received, Davey and his family will go on their tour of England, and Sandy and Bill will have the baby they postponed while they went on their tour of Space City and the Moon.

See the books.

Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3
Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 3


On Maxwell 01 it will be the chicken because the robots use the algae cells and the DNA brought from Earth 4.2 light years away to produce chickens. The chickens will then lay eggs. The baby humans will be produced the same way and will have chickens and eggs to eat. Mum and dad will be replaced by the robots. You will be pleased to know that Maxwell Empire Book 3 has just been put on Amazon.

See the books here.



Humans need to remember

Humans need to remember that the Earth has a sun that will last for another four billion years.

So humans could be on this planet for that long.

This is as long as WW3 or WW4 or WW5 does not make life on the planet impossible.

Assuming humans are here for that length of time we need to have less of we.

Seven billion is too many of we.

Two billion is enough of we.

Would someone get Greta and her cohort to get the message.

Humans need to get things in perspective

Humans need to get things in perspective

They are animals.

They need to get over being the most developed animal; it is only the beginning of life’s journey for the next four billion years.

Humans will go to other solar systems, as is described realistically in MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOKS 1, 2 and 3. Numbers 4 to a very big number (hopefully) describe how we got there and how we made the planets Maxwell 01, Maxwell 02, Maxwell 03, you get the picture, home.

Eventually humans will get to the galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud which is 139,000 light years away and will take a robot spaceship carrying all the species from Earth to a planet there. The journey will take 35 million years. It is only five or six million years since we became a higher life form than our monkey cousins.

Evolution happens.

The humans living in the other planets will be developing independently of us.

They will evolve.

We will have sent them our history as movies and holograms.

Our history is such that they may not want to know us.

We are not a good animal when we can allow Aboriginals to think stoning another animal to death is acceptable.

If our physically distant cousins do visit us it will be to send a battlecruiser to wipe us out.

Humans cannot travel for millions of years in space. Forget about worm holes or whatever as any travelling will be done by robots.

You won’t wake up in the year 85,768,435 and look out the window and see distant cousin Fred. It will be the robot he sent 40 million years ago to wipe out the animals he detests because they do not value all life.


Read about getting to other planets. The robots have just started making humans in Maxwell Empire Book 3. In Book 5, which will be available in a few months, time will be a year advanced on Book 4 and so the babies will be born, assuming test tube babies are born. Then what?

Books 1 to 3 are available on Amazon.




The history the LMC human knows is from at least 70 million years before his robot gets here.