What a good time to get a pandemic.

The necessity for being physically isolated has so much less effect in 2020 than ever before.

Netflix has a daunting number of movies and series for any TV viewer. All tastes, all moods and all interests are catered for.

And if you by some means find nothing there to watch several other mobs have as many or more that you can choose from.

Then there is study for a student. My daughter is home working online. She has an experiment they were meant to finish for next week so her team was having an online conference to discuss what to do. When they have individually completed their part of the experiment they can collate the results online and submit the final report. The advantage of the internet.

I have been getting on with Maxwell Empire Book 4 with the visit to the doctor being the subject of the latest chapter and I am editing Book 1 to create a better scripted book. All these can then be uploaded online without visiting a human.

Roll on 4576. Having robots doing all the work will mean much better social isolation and probably there being no more pandemics.