Education Input Space Studies B

Stage Content
A Asteroids
B Mining asteroids
C Mars
D Mining Mars
E Moon – mining and infrastructure
A Building a spaceship – basic structure
B Building a spaceship – engines, acceleration and travel
C Building a spaceship – storing DNA
D Building a spaceship – messages to send to Earth
E Building a space tug – structure, engines and function
A Calculating travel times to Maxwell 01 to 10
B Arrival at planet and exploration
C Sequence of activities after best location determined
D Terraforming a planet – the types of robots
E Robots maintaining and building more, sourcing materials
A Robots working – building Space elevator
B Robots working – building airships and dispersing spores and seeds
C Robots working – building domes and infrastructure
D Robots working – producing plants, growing and maintaining
E Robots working – producing animals, growing and maintaining