Help for farmers

Help from the future

Make use of the copy of THE OCTET from the year 4576 and print it out to give to people you know who need to focus on this life. Farmers have never been under more stress than is being caused at present by a combination of nature and people.

A copy of THE OCTET is at the link. Print out or forward it to people you know who could do with some help and tell them to print it out.

THE OCTET is brought to the world in the books Maxwell Empire Books which are available from Amazon. It will keep their mind off their problems for an hour or two, depending on how busy they are. The website for Maxwell Empire would like some comments. Farmers can click on the image below and get connected to Amazon.

If you are in Australia to buy paperback copies go down to Buy it on

The source of THE OCTET
After they have read Book 1 they might be wondering something like:

Does Jimmy win in the Moon?

What do Scott and Simon think of the vertical gardens?

How many baby humans are on Maxwell 01?

Will any other Hunt be as exciting?

Do Mike and Harry help Tony again?

The answers are in MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 2.