With the beginning of robots in manufacturing in the twenty first century in Australia a lot of Aboriginal men along the Murray River, you can see it along the middle of the telescope view, Albury is the big city near the Eastern end, the water shown there is quite big, it is the Hume, your many, many greats grandmother went sailing there.

Yes, that ancestor was a good sportswoman. Into soccer particularly. And small bore rifle shooting.

On the other side of Australia in the north west a tribe was about to get vast amounts of money from mineral rights and a huge claim was being settled. The guys in the east needed women, a job, or money, and these guys in the west had both. What better way to get it all than to engage in a bit of old time Aboriginal culture and take the women and the money. How to do it? A fishing trip.

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Pictures of your many, many greats grandmother sailing

Do you want to go sailing where her ancestors went. See the website of the Albury Wodonga Yacht Club.