Hunt 34

Hunt Location 34 is near Albury Wodonga, Australia in the Mount Buffalo National Park.

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Part of Hunt Location 34.



Hunt at 34

Here it is, Crossbows and Axes, May 23rd, 4576, starting at 2 am GMT, which means 11 am in Albury, Australia, exclaimed Sandy.

Will we stay up to watch it or record it? said Bill.

Stay up, please, said Sandy. It is always more exciting to see the action live.

Well, do you want to set the alarm for 1.45 and try to get some sleep because the last one lasted three and a half hours before they killed them all.

I don’t think this one will last that long, do you?

Look, he’s not too old. Just thirty one, and he is a fitness fanatic according to the promotion. So it could take even longer for him to be killed or to kill some of them; how many does he have after him anyway?

Goodness, he must be good. They have put eight against him. And they are all young and fit by the look of it. Oh, one is getting on. He must be wanting to go out with a bang instead of just being put to sleep.

Look at those women. I don’t think any of them will run out of puff and they all look like fitness types.

Well, do I set the alarm?

Yes, and make sure you wake me up, please.



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