Maxwell Empire Books 1 to 5

The year is 4576.

All work is done by robots.

Humans number only 2 billion.

Humans live on the Earth, in Space City, and in the Moon.

Robots are taking all Earth species still existing to other planets.

Maxwell 01 is the first planet in the process of becoming another Earth.

Maxwell 01 is about four light years away. It took the robospaceship about eight hundred years to get there.

The robospaceship was built in Space City which circles the Earth above the equator at a height of over 35,000km.

Read what the humans and robots are doing on the Earth, in Space City, in and on the Moon and on and around planets Maxwell 01 and Maxwell 02 in the Maxwell Empire Books.

Maxwell Empire Books

The latest of the Maxwell Empire Books

The latest book in the series is now available.


Andy is on planet Maxwell 01 which is the first of the Maxwell Empire and is 4 light years away from Earth.

Andy and his siblings are the Ones. The first humans on Maxwell 01. He was born in the 4573 Earth year or 0000 Maxwell 01. They take Earth years, months to keep it simple for Earth people when they read messages from Maxwell 01. It is now 4587 or 0014. So he is 14 year old Andy One.

Andy makes many pertinent observations on Earth humans over the history of Earth. His diary was written in the year 4587 and Earthlings will read it in 4591 as he is four light years away.

The Ones tour of Space City takes them to pods 1, 2, 3 and 4. See the view from each pod.

MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 5: Andy Ones Diary is available on Amazon. Click on the image and you can read a bit of the book. Better still give Amazon some money and read it all.

 Maxwell Empire Book 5 Andy Ones Diary


Read about my writing before the Maxwell Empire Books



History of the Maxwell Empire

 The beginning of the Maxwell Empire Read the story of the Beginning of the Maxwell Empire.

The Family of All Life Alliance

The forerunner of the World Government of Julius Maxwell is The Family of All Life Alliance which began after the actions of Aboriginal Australian Waylon Johncock stoning a wombat to death and putting a video of the action on social media with the result that the whole world saw what Aboriginal culture was like and condemned it. Despite this act being criminal for all other Australians it was permissible because he was Aboriginal.

Australia must change.


We lobby for an improved world.


The Earth wants these things to go.

Countries, Religions, And Human Plague


CRAHP   must go


All these things can result in wars that could eradicate all life on Earth.

They must go.

 Visit the website

The Family of All Life Alliance


Characters in the Maxwell Empire BooksInformation about the characters in the books.


The OctetPrint a copy of the eight guidelines to give to someone for living their life better.



 Chapters from scripted books

 Click on the image to read some chapters from Scripted books.

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Read the Border Mail article from the interview of Janet Howie with author Maxwell Partington Lavington science fiction author creates Maxwell Empire series


Stories and photos from the author. Click on the image.

Tales of the author


Make a model of Space City

Space City is 35,700 km above the equator. To have a better conception of this you can follow the instructions in the video and make a model. Click on the image to watch the video.

Making a model of Space City Making a Model for Space City


What does the Earth look like from Space City?

See the Earth as Scott and Simon view it. Earth from Space City

Maxwell Empire Book 1 includes descriptions of hunts taking place in Australia near Albury, NSW, and Sydney. View photos from

 Hunt areas 34 and 35 Tours


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