A message from the future

On this visit to the website for Maxwell Empire you can obtain a copy of THE OCTET.

This provides you with a set of guidelines to help you live your life. In ancient times people had the Ten Commandments or similar from their religion but now they are gone.

While you are at the website read some of the chapter extracts and other information about Maxwell Empire after you have obtained a copy of THE OCTET.

Make use of the copy of THE OCTET from the year 4576 and print it out to give to people you know who need to focus on this life.

The books from the Maxwell Empire will show you the effects that have been caused by a combination of nature and people.

THE OCTET is brought to the world in the books Maxwell Empire Books which is available from Amazon. The book will provide a perspective of the world’s problems in 4576 and an insight as to how they can act to help ensure the world is better when that day arrives.

Buy Maxwell Empire Books

Buy Maxwell Empire Books

Download the image of the OCTET and print copies for people who need guidance.

Download the image of the OCTET