Diane Hunter family history

Year 3150 - Invention of way to use stored DNA to bring back into existence animals and plants made extinct by too many humans. Scientist leading the team of researchers was Diane Hunter.

Born in Russia

Parents were studying the effect of water rising on polar bears. They flew back to Moscow for the birth.

Her father was American.

Her mother was Russian.

She was responsible for animals and plants made extinct by too many humans being reintroduced.

Her invention made possible the expansion of Earth species to other planets.

Born in Russia

In the year 3108 on the 10th March

At Moscow

Studied at Moscow State University, Moscow


Had 2 children

3150 Invention of the way to use stored DNA to bring back into existence animals and plants made extinct by too many humans

Died aged 80

Died in 3188


Janet Oliver family history

Born in America

In the year 2877

At Washington

Studied at Harvard


Had 2 children

2910 Material to make Earth space elevator invented by Janet Oliver.

Died aged 85

Died in 2962


Justin Pearce family history

The fusion rocket engine inventor Justin Pearce, who made his mark in 2611,

Born in England

In the year 2579

At Manchester

Studied at Cambridge

Married in 2605

Had 2 children

2611 Invented the fusion rocket engine in 2611 at age 32

Died in 2658 at age 79


Julius Maxwell Family history

World Government Founder Julius Maxwell

Born in England

In the year 2592 born on May 16th.

At London,

Studied at Oxford

Married in 2620 at age 28

Had 2 children

2645 Founded World Government

Died in 2675 at age 83


2645 World Government replaces nations. Founder Julius Maxwell. A suitable name for the founder buried at Westminster Abbey. The British were good at government.


Ben Kimton


Moon City


Sportsman Snow and cycling

Geography Stage

Earth Science Stage

Biology Stage

History Stage

Space Studies A

Space Studies B



Don Kimton

Ben’s father Don Kimton worked in the local office of pet animals, the Moon City Pet Animals Dept. Sometimes animals were wary of robots and needed a human hand to help them.  Don did this, providing a human connection for the dogs and cats.


Mary Kimton

His mother Mary Kimton supervised students doing Stage 12 Physics experiments at the High School in her building.