Educate a Protestor

Educate a protestor

Information for climate protestors


Do you have a child who is joining the worldwide protests?

Do you want to help them?

They need a better idea of Earth’s problems.


We are going under water

Information about the effect of sea levels rising.


Give them the advice they need by giving them these books.

If you are in Australia to buy paperback copies go down to Buy it on



Look at the rest of this website to see what the Books are about.

Show them some images of other members of the family of all life.

See the Family of all LIFE.
These are all your cousins.

Click on the image to see the Family of all Life.

 The Family of all Life

The biggest problem is the plague of humans. See the comment here.


A message from the future

On this visit to the website for Maxwell Empire you can obtain a copy of THE OCTET.

This provides you with a set of guidelines to help you live your life. In ancient times people had the Ten Commandments or similar from their religion but now they are gone.

While you are at the website read some of the chapter extracts and other information about Maxwell Empire after you have obtained a copy of THE OCTET.

Make use of the copy of THE OCTET from the year 4576 and print it out to give to people you know who need to focus on this life.

The books from the Maxwell Empire will show you the effects that have been caused by a combination of nature and people.

THE OCTET is brought to the world in the books Maxwell Empire Books which is available from Amazon. The book will provide a perspective of the world’s problems in 4576 and an insight as to how they can act to help ensure the world is better when that day arrives.

Click here to be taken to Amazon to buy Maxwell Empire Books.

If you are in Australia to buy paperback copies go down to Buy it on

An online celebration of your life.

 Aged Stories

Don’t wait.

It will be too late!
Save your photos, stories and videos as a celebration of your life so that your descendants in 4576 can see what you did.

If you need help supply us with your stories and photos and we can help you post them online for your friends and rellies to remember your life. You need to do this before you meet your God as telekinesis is probably not one of your strong points.


Making a model of Space City

Use an orange and some wire to make a model of Space City.

Because Space City is 35,700 km above the Earth it is helpful to have a model to understand where it is.

The Maxwell Empire Books have Space City as an important part of life and industry on Earth. The Space Elevators are also important in moving material and people between Space City and the Earth’s surface.

Watch the movie. Click on the image.

 spacecity mq1


You will insert straight lengths of wire, the Space Elevators, into an orange, and attach a circle of wire, the Space City, to them.

Choose an orange that has a nice spherical shape.

Because Space City is above the equator carefully draw an equator.

Space City is 2.8 diameters above the Earth.

Measure the diameter of your orange.

Calculate the distance of Space City from the surface of your orange.

e.g. If your diameter is 5cm your Space City will be 5 x 2.8 = 14cm above the surface of your orange.

You can see that Space City will be the radius of your orange plus 14cm from the middle of your orange.

That is r = 14 + 2.5 = 16.5cm

You need this radius to calculate the length of Space City for an orange with a diameter of 5cm.


Circumference = 2πr = 2 x 3.14 x 16.5 = 103.6cm

So Space City for an orange with a diameter of 5cm will be 104cm long.


Remember there are ten thousand 25km long segments in Space City; that is Space City above the Earth is 250,000km long. You cannot have a representative sample segment that is one ten thousandth of 104cm because it will be only 0.0104cm long. So your segment example will not be to scale. You could use 1cm long lengths cut from a plastic straw.

Space Elevators

You will support your Space City with Space Elevators rising from the equator at the margins of the land masses.

On your orange draw Africa, America, etc.

Your Space Elevators will be at the margins of the land over water and Space City will be at the 14cm mark for your 5cm diameter orange with the Space Elevators longer.

Insert your Space Elevators in your orange so they are vertical and mark 14cm from the surface.

Attach Space City to the Space Elevators.



The Beginning of the Maxwell Empire

In the thirtieth century the Maxwell Government set up a program which is called the Development of the Maxwell Empire to spread humans throughout space. Ten spaceships are to be built initially and sent off to planets which can support life as we know it. They are from four or so light years to forty light years away so the time for a spaceship to get to them will vary from eight hundred years for the nearest to eight thousand years for the furthest.

The spaceships are just huge robots taking the DNA message of all living things on Earth to begin again on ten planets.

Maxwell 01 left in 3415 with Maxwell 02 to 05 leaving every hundred years and then a break of five hundred years because they realised they needed to hear from Maxwell 01 whether the procedures used on arrival at the planet worked.

They are built at the factories at Space City.

Table of Maxwell 01 to 10

Year left Earth Planet Distance in Light Years Travel time in Years Year first signal received from spaceship in orbit around planet
3415 Maxwell 01 4.2 800 4300
3515 Maxwell 02 11 2100 5700
3615 Maxwell 03 12 2300 6000
3715 Maxwell 04 13 2500 6300
3815 Maxwell 05 14 2700 6600
4315 Maxwell 06 16 3100 7500
4415 Maxwell 07 23 4400 8900
4515 Maxwell 08 30 5700 10300
4615 Maxwell 09 39 7400 12100
4715 Maxwell 10 40 7600 12400


Year on Earth first signal received from spaceship in orbit around planet = Year left Earth + Travel time in years + Distance in light years


Lavington science fiction author creates Maxwell Empire series

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INVENTION: Maxwell Partington, of Lavington, uses calculations to add weight to his science fiction. "It's fantastic, what you can think of," he says. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE


All work is done by robots, but humans are still paid so they can do whatever they want, travel, sports or even a job if preferred.

There is one World Government and religion is banned.

Such is the background to a series of books written by Lavington's Maxwell Partington as he creates a reality that is fiction but grounded in his ideas for the future.

The Maxwell Empire books, available online and in Lavington's By The Book, have been written in the past year but their origins date back two decades.

Then Partington created plays for English language classes he taught in South Korea, so students could practise following dialogue and saying their lines at the correct time.

This format has been retained in book form.

"COVID-19 meant young people were isolated physically, but not electronically, hence with the books being written as two-person plays, they countered isolation," the writer said.

Now retired, Partington, 77, has worked as a physics and science teacher, farmer, tour operator, milkman and website designer and also lived in Thailand, Nigeria and China.

Better access to health services encouraged him to return to Australia about 10 years ago and settle on the Border.

He admits with a grin the books contain "all Maxwell's prejudices".

"Much too many humans," he said.

In his version of 4576, the world has only two billion people, humans and animals are valued equally and all characters agree the world used to be overpopulated.

Robots are taking the DNA of all Earth species to other planets to repopulate.

"I figured out if you wanted to send humans as human, and cows and dogs and cats and various other things, you'd need a spaceship from the Murray to Melbourne long and Bendigo to Bright wide," the author said.

Family experience of dementia made Partington keen to keep his mind active.

"Just letting your brain not do anything is really not good in my opinion, this is why writing the books is good," he said.

"My idea is that they can go on forever."

The Maxwell in the title actually refers to his character Julius Maxwell, the founder of World Government.

"It was a really bad choice because when you say 'Maxwell Empire' and you Google it, Robert Maxwell comes up," Partington laughed.