Terms used in Maxwell Empire Books



These are the Ones on Maxwell 01 who have advanced through all the Education Inputs and completed to level 15 which means they have completed the equivalent of University degrees.


Represents the year After Humans on planet Maxwell 01.


Robocops apprehending baddies by covering them with hardening filaments which immobilise them but do not harm them.


A glass cupboard you sit in and get analysed by the sensors which detect the state of your body and whether anything is wrong. On Maxwell 01 the Doctor extracts the fertilised eggs for the nanny robots to grow.

Fish fooded

People put to death are converted into fish food.


Robot accompanying humans on activities to save them when they get in difficulties.


Criminals can claim hunthood so that they compete against a selected group of killers to attempt to be the only survivor which then saves the criminal and their relatives who were similarly destined for the fishes.

Mars Miner spaceship

Robospaceships that fly between the Earth and Mars.

Medical Aid Exempt  – MAE

Status of individuals addicted to harmful drugs who are not regarded as worthy of the time or attention of medical facilities and are not treated.

Moon Bus

Spaceship moving people and their goods between Space City and the Moon Elevator.


Oxygen supply


Rigid airship for transport of people, freight and fire fighting.


Structure of the roboairship

There is an upper surface converting sunlight to electricity, a rigid framework for the cladding, with many discrete panels to provide stability in case of a leak of hydrogen, cells holding water, many electrolysis units converting electricity to hydrogen, a layer below the envelope consisting of the robot controls and of storage units for the roboserves and robocops, and below that a long passenger compartment providing all the facilities necessary for comfortable touring over the countryside.

The hydrogen is used in fuel cells to produce electricity to run the roboairship.

The passenger compartment can be detached and replaced with water storage units for fire-fighting.



Replaces humans in the kitchen.


Fire fighting robots – fly over a fire and drop water/fire retardant on it. They act in large swarms to rapidly extinguish fires.


Robots in Space City to escort Ones


Saves animals that have O2 problems.


Plane capable of high speeds and vertical landing and take off.

The engines on a roboplane will be rocket engines with the plane carrying both hydrogen and oxygen. The speed of the plane will therefore be considerable so that the time to get to the other towns is not too great.


Flying robots that rescue roboairships that get in trouble or life.

Space City Shuttle

Transport from the high speed bus terminal to your hotel in Space City.


Essential device in Earth viewing restaurants in Space City. The vacuum cleaner sucker gathers small pieces of solids or liquids accidentally released in the weightless environments in Space City.

Video drones

Drones for showing the action on your TV so you can enjoy it in real time; such as from Hunts.


Seriously defeated.