Maxwell Empire Book 2

Maxwell Empire Book 2

MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 2 available now.

After YOU have read Book 1 you might be wondering something like:
Does Jimmy win in the Moon?
What do Scott and Simon think of the vertical gardens?
How many baby humans are made on Maxwell 01?
Will any other Hunt be as exciting?
Do Mike and Harry help Tony again?
The answers might be in MAXWELL EMPIRE BOOK 2.
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It is June, 4576, and Maxwell Empire Book 2 carries on the story from Book 1 and describes life on Earth and in space following the activities of Jimmy, Kailee, Scott, Simon and a host of others in Space City, the Moon and their travels between them. Read about sea level rising, population control, the Celebration of Life, a robot spaceship in orbit around planet Maxwell 01, the hunt when criminals try to avoid fish fooding, a different education system to what there is today, robots doing all the work, and other changes to life when working is optional.

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Maxwell Empire Book 2
Maxwell Empire Book 2