Physics syllabus for Stages 9 to 12, 4576

9 A Working scientifically
Motion in a straight line
Motion on a plane
B Forces
C Forces, acceleration and energy
D Momentum, energy and simple systems
E Wave characteristics
Wave behaviour
10 A Sound waves
The ray model of light
B Thermodynamics
C Electrostatics
D Electric circuits
E Working scientifically and depth studies
11 A Projectile motion
B  Circular motion

Motion in gravitational fields

C Charged particles, conductors and electric and magnetic fields
D The motor effect

Electromagnetic induction

Applications of the motor effect

E Electromagnetic spectrum
12 A Light: Wave model
Light: Quantum model
B Light and special relativity
Origins of the elements
C Structure of the atom
D Quantum mechanical nature of the atom

Properties of the nucleus

E Deep inside the atom

Application of magnetic fields and particles – Fusion rocket engine