Space Travel

Space Travel

You can see the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) in the night sky. It is 179,000 light years away.

The time for Maxwell 01 to get to its planet which is 4 light years away is 800 years; that is 200 years for the robot spaceship to travel per light year.

Consequently it will take 179,000 x 200 years for a robot spaceship to get to LMC.

That is 35,800,000 years.

Our Sun kills the Earth in 4 billion years.

That is 4,000,000,000 years.

So the spaceship can have got there before Earth meltdown but if it says “Humans are now breeding on Maxwell 305” we will get the message in 179,000 years and if we ask “Do they like it there?” we will hear “Yes, they love it.” 358,000 years later.

For intergalactic travel we could have quicker spaceships but talking to the occupants of Earth 305 will not be feasible.

This makes the 8 years to get an answer from Maxwell 01 a very quick response.

We rabbits

We rabbits

Just when are humans going to realise that the current attitude that emulating rabbit plagues is not necessarily a good idea.

There are too many of us already.

Unfortunately the children marching around protesting have got the wrong end of the stick in their grasp.

If there were less humans there would be less need for as much electricity.

Hence less coal needing to be burnt.

Hence less global warming.

Just how many humans does the planet need?

Certainly not the seven billion walking around now. Or the fifteen billion in a few years.

The suggested carrying capacity is two billion.

Someone needs to educate Greta.

She is talking the wrong talk.

She needs to be telling child bearing age humans to restrict the number of children they have.

So, you say, what about the countries where the population is decreasing.

My response is that a reduction is good; not bad like a lot of politicians have been saying.

So Greta is ignorant and the politicians are ignorant. Everyone needs to remember that we are on the only object within a thousand years travel that can support us.

Humans need to stop breeding so many little humans.

Harry’s problem

Harry’s problem

And ours.

I think Prince Harry wants to get away from the Royal Family because while it is currently headed by his grandmother the Queen I am assuming that fairly soon his father will be taking on the reins. I am sure he is not happy with the way his father treated his mother. His mother’s comment that she was in a threesome and with his father eventually marrying the third party means he has a constant reminder of his mother’s sorrow.

I cannot believe Australians will want to have Charles as their Head of State. Currently that is what is going to happen when the Queen calls it quits. We need to have a referendum with the question

“Should Australia become a Republic on the day the Queen resigns as Monarch?”

This would be one way Morrison could make up for the debacle constituting his leadership so far.

Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Many of you are convinced of the power of prayer, of asking God for help in a particular crisis.

I don’t know how often your prayers are successful but in Australia we have evidence of a complete lack of success.

Our Prime Minister prays. He believes it will help.

He was asked last year to make plans for the forthcoming fire season because there was every indication that it was going to be extremely bad.

He ignored the advice.

Presumably he relied on prayer because he did not do anything to prepare for predicted fires.

The fires have been horrendous.

God ignored him. The rest of us should similarly be ignoring him and getting a more suitable person for the job.

Australian culture

Australian culture

  1. People in Australia, that is Australians, who deliberately are cruel to other animals are subject to laws that punish them for their actions.
  2. People in Australia, that is Australians, who do not look after their animals in an appropriate fashion are subject to laws that punish them for their actions.
  3. People in Australia, that is Australians, who kill endangered species are subject to laws that punish them for their actions.


  1. Senior Community Constable Waylon Johncock stoning a wombat to death.
  2. Noonkanbah Station in WA had hundreds of cattle die of thirst because the Aboriginal owners were not wanting to ensure that the cattle had water.
  3. Despite being protected, dugongs and marine turtles can be legally hunted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under section 211 of the Native Title Act 1993, which operates to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples with a native title right to hunt, gather, collect and fish or conduct a cultural or spiritual activity. The traditional or subsistence hunting of dugongs and turtles plays an important social and cultural role for coastal aborigines in many parts of northern Australia and the meat provides a source of protein for these communities.

The RSPCA believes that where animals are legitimately hunted for subsistence, this must be conducted humanely and with regard for the conservation status of the species involved.


Further on 1.

If this is the case

The RSPCA believes that where animals are legitimately hunted for subsistence, this must be conducted humanely and with regard for the conservation status of the species involved.

They are saying that Senior Community Constable Waylon Johncock when stoning a wombat to death was conducting his hunt humanely and he was wanting to eat the wombat.



It is obvious that Aborigines are not Australians.

They should not get the benefits appropriate for Australians.

The Government should stop spending 34 billion dollars each year on this group of non-Australians.



A poem from the late twenty first century

Cities will be healthy

Bye petrol cars.

Hello hydrogen.

Bye bye smog.

Hello sweet air.

Gas guzzlers gone

Fumes gone

Cities liveable.

No cow poo,

No mud,

No forest fires.

Country life not better.

Cities healthier.

Roll on the future.

ABC Education and Bruce Pascoe

ABC Education and Bruce Pascoe

A complaint sent to the ABC.


Your Education  section is putting Australian history as known by Bruce Pascoe on TV.

He is telling lies.

Your Education section is supposed to know something.

There is no excuse for being ignorant about our history as there is a huge number of books written by our forefathers who lived in earlier times. Many of these are free on I have put one link below.

The following I emailed and sent to them in their online form.


The history you have put on the ABC is not that depicted by the early colonists. You can read the books published by a number of the officers and men who were with the First Fleet on, which has enough books to warrant an Australian section.

For you people as Education types to not know what is truth and fiction is inappropriate.

To give credence to the lies told by Bruce Pascoe is wrong.

Aboriginals were written about in all these books and they all have the same message in that they were stone age wanderers.

They were not farmers.

When the First Fleet arrived and was beginning farming the local Aboriginals were offered the same gear as the newcomers who were commencing farming. That is seeds, implements, support. Of all the Aboriginals they were in contact in Sydney one, that is 1, that is a single Aboriginal took up the offer to be supported in becoming a farmer.

You people need to get to know your history so you do not promote lies.

The books on gutenberg also cover other parts of Australia from William Dampier in the west to sailors wrecked down in Victoria to Captain Cook’s tale of fixing his ship up north.


Some of the books you can read to actually know some of Australia’s history are shown here.

Hurry up and get educated so you do not put lies on your website.


Captain Cook’s Journal During the First Voyage Round the World_files

Journal Gregory Blaxland



or in full









An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island



A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench

Life and Adventures of William Buckley

History of the Colony of Queensland Volume I

The History of Tasmania  Volume I

The History of Tasmania  Volume II



Aboriginals and culture

Aboriginals and  culture

1788 was a long time ago.

Houses, cars, planes and eating at Hungry Jacks are in.

Humpys, feet and chasing a kangaroo are out.

Aborigines are happy to use 2019 appliances.

Stoning wombats is not an Australian custom.

Dugongs are protected.

Aboriginals are not behaving like Australians.

Aboriginals don’t need to be treated like Australians.

Save 34 billion each year and let them continue their cultural practices.

Otherwise if they still want their 34 billion they get up to date.

Stop stoning wombats.

Stop thinking stoning wombats is acceptable.

Become Australian.

There is no Big Guy

There is no Big Guy

Believing that there is a Big Guy up there who is going to look out for you is difficult to believe when you grow older and give up childhood. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Religion are all in the same category. Fairy Tales.

It is even more difficult to understand why the group that has had such comprehensive proof that there is no Big Guy looking out for them are the Jews. Hitler cooked six million of them yet they still believe there is a Jew Big Guy.

Obviously being a Jew means eternal childhood.


Attacking police is a health hazard

Attacking police is a health hazard

It is unfortunate that the Walker guy was too confident in his own fighting ability to consider the consequences of attacking an armed policeman with a knife.

It is obvious that a person being attacked has the right to defend themselves.

To stand there and let an attacker kill you is not the way to enjoy a long life.

If you have a gun it is one way to stop dying.

For the community up north to expect the policeman to let their rellie kill him is not a sensible expectation.

The current protests are similarly not sensible in promoting the idea that attacking armed police is something that should be allowed.

Consequently for the policeman to be charged with murder is a stupidity.

It reinforces the wrong idea that attacking police officers is a correct way to act.

Aboriginals need to be made aware of the way they should conduct themselves.

By letting Aboriginals think Walker was in the right when he attacked a police man with a knife is a reprehensible attitude on the part of the Government and its representatives.

The local people are in the habit of attacking workers who are there to help the community.

It has to stop.

It will not stop when the Government send the wrong message to the locals.

It would be more sensible to provide all workers with weapons and training so they can eliminate the locals who think attacking those sent to help them is acceptable.