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You cannot post books from Amazon directly to Australia. Click on the image to set up a method by which you can if you want a lot, otherwise get in touch with me for an Australian source of the books.

Which pet will be produced for the children?

The robonannies have produced chickens and goats to provide eggs, meat, milk and entertainment for the children they are growing.

A brother suggested rabbits because they have several offspring so can provide plenty of meat and entertainment in a short time naturally.

The rabbits would be difficult to eat if one day they are cuddly and the next casserole.

So what pet should be grown by the robonannies?

Suggestions appreciated.

Megan, Anzac Day in Jindera, 2019

Megan, Anzac Day in Jindera, 2019

412 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets parade at the Jindera War Memorial on Anzac Day in 2019.

How 412 Squadron in Albury – Wodonga describes itself for normal years.

Our squadron is one of the most active in all of Victoria, running optional activities most weekends throughout the year. These activities include anything from Teambuilding, Adventure Training, Fieldcraft, Survival to Ceremonial Parades, Community Service, General Training, Flying, Shooting, and much more.

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Great granddad joins his wife.

April 28th, 2014, the ashes of Megan’s great granddad were taken out to the place on the river where his wife’s ashes had been released two years before.

Great granddad joins his wife.
Great granddad joins his wife.