The Family of all Life

Family of all life
Family of all Life

We are all descended from the same initial forming of life.

Consequently we are all members of The Family of all Life.

A favourite cousin.
Three furry cousins and several very distant cousins.
Feeding a big cousin.

It follows that we are cousins of all other life on Earth. Your pet cat, dog, bird, is your distant cousin, as is the rose, grass and tree in your garden. And also a carrot is your cousin. The plants are very distant cousins.

Humans are just one of the living things on Earth.

They are related to all the other living things.

Here are some photos of our rellies.

Members of The Family of all Life

Man’s best friend.
Cousins growing along Alpine Way, NSW.
Down on the farm.
Cow and calf.
Feeding a tall cousin.


The Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

The first cell of living material was formed about 3.6 billion years ago. Not much happened for 2 billion years as this was a huge event. This first cell was a simple cell and is here today as bacteria and is called a prokaryotic cell.

Then it got more complex, possibly by one simple cell getting into another simple cell to make structures within it. This more complex cell is called a eukaryotic cell. After it was formed changes started happening more rapidly.

Two colourful cousins.
Close cousin on distant cousin.

Because changes randomly occurred in the message being passed from parent to offspring organisms evolved into ones that were different to the parents. Gradually over billions of years they became us.

Because all living things were as a result of the first cell formed and the subsequent changes to the first cell all organisms show, in their genes, some similar structures.

Hence your DNA will contain some of the same genes as a goldfish, or a tree, or a bird, or an elephant, or all other human beings, which makes them all your relatives.

A Western Australian cousin.
Energetic cousins.
Two real Aussie cousins.

Miss Bold; a favourite cousin.
A little Western Australian, very distant cousin. Distant as in genetically.

Two cousins, one much more distant.

A very noisy cousin.

A very big if very distant cousin
A very big if very distant cousin
Cousins you enjoy eating.

You have

19% of the same genes as an Arabidopsis (relative of a cabbage)

Animal and plant lineages split about 1.5 billion years ago. So plants are a very distant cousin.

70% of the same genes as a sea sponge,

85% of the same genes as a mouse,

95% of the same genes as a monkey.

Sweet cousins.
A cousin you do not want to annoy.
A cool cousin.
A tasty cousin with some other cousins.
A green cousin.
A distant cousin and a very, very distant cousin.